Cutting-edge AI for the game industry


Procedural Content Generation (PCG)

We are researching PCG algorithms to automatically create content for video games. We are starting with single-player casual games in the tower defense and match-three genres, but the sky's the limit.

Reinforcement Learning (RL)

We use both novel and classic RL algorithms to learn winning strategies for both single-player games and multiplayer online games without human guidance.

Data Analysis

Playtesting game content is time-consuming and labor-intensive. Our automated game-playing agents analyze their own experiences to assess a game's suitability for human players.
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Our Research

We are a small team of engineers and algorithmists. We love thinking about how to automate difficult problems in the game industry, and building systems that turn these ideas into practice.

We are based at our startup headquarters in sunny Beijing, China, but we have a global outlook and aim to publish regularly in international forums.

Chris Guo

Founder & CEO

Chris Guo holds a PhD degree in Natural Language Processing from Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications and has worked in the game industry since 2005. He founded LevelupAI in 2016 to research AI methods for the game industry. His research interests include reinforcement learning.


You can get in touch at guoxianghao at levelup dot ai. We only accept emails from humans for now, so please reformat the email address above.